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10 Essential Tools to Maintain Your Outdoor Landscape

Maintaining your outdoor landscape is no easy task. It will require the use of landscaping tools in order to get the job done. This means that you need to invest time and money in order to buy and use these tools if you want to keep your landscape looking pristine. If you are ready to get some work done on your landscape, here is a list of the 10 tools you need to work with.


Lawn Mower

This is one of the essential landscaping tools available and should be in your own garden and landscaping set. This is an easy way to cut down the grass on your lawn to keep it looking pristine and uniform in size. If you have a bigger lawn, it is also worthwhile to invest in a riding mower. Or you can hire one from companies that provide Australia landscaping tools.


Round Point Shovel

This is arguably the most versatile tool available for landscaping. The rounded and beveled edge makes it easy to dig, scoop, and slice the dirt or gravel on your lawn.



A rake is also one of the most reliable landscaping tools Australia experts recommend that you have. The metal-toothed rakes do a more efficient job at raking in the dirt and spreading mulch. For gathering leaves, you can settle for rakes with a plastic leaf.



This is another important landscaping tool with a blade at a right angle. The blade is attached to a long handle to make it easier to work with. It is used for slicing or scraping through dirt or weed.


Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is ideal for use for those with hedges on their landscaped yard. This tool makes it easy to trim off any excess on the edges for an even finish.



A wheelbarrow is one of the equipment that should never be missing in a landscaper’s arsenal. This tool makes it easier to transport your tools and other supplies when doing landscape maintenance work. The three wheels make it easier to transport these supplies from one point to another.



This particular tool can be operated manually or via an automatic operation. The purpose of this tool is to create a defined separation between the lawn and the surfaces adjacent to it (like driveways or flower beds).


Hand Trowel

This is a small tool that can do the dirty work when it comes to landscape maintenance. It is used to dig small holes to plant the seedlings in or to create borders for your garden.



Any type of cutting tool is important when doing landscape work and maintenance. They are ideal for cutting and trimming jobs.


Measuring Tools

Any type of measuring tool such as a tape measure is good to have in your landscaping arsenal. This will make it easier to take measurements on site.

Whether you are an individual homeowner or a business specializing in landscape maintenance services, stocking up on landscaping tools will give you the best results. You can find everything you need when it comes to cheap landscaping tools Australia has at https://stratagreen.com.au/shop/display.php?cPath=15.