5 Pro Design Ideas for an Impressive Interior Makeover

Giving your house or commercial space a makeover is a tough job that requires your collaboration with professionals. Architects and interior designers can transform your design ideas into reality integrating practicality, functionality and great taste in every corner of your house. For example, you can browse for suitable furniture packages Perth has to give your house a stunning new look. And to ensure you get a customized home that suits your lifestyle, you can pitch in these amazing decorating ideas from the professionals.

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1. Unify your colors. Harmonize your palette.


If you want to create a natural flow from one room of the house to another, you can start by deciding on a unifying color scheme. Experts recommend a palette of basic neutral colors for the entire house accentuated with your choice of bold colors. For example, you can choose from among the lighter shades of whites, creams, and lilacs for the walls and ceilings. Accentuate borders, trims, and floors with darker and bolder shades such as royal blues, oranges, and greens.


2. Decorate smart based on space size and lines.


The size of your house poses a variety of challenges. If you opt for whole house furniture package deals in Perth, for example, make sure the designs harmonize well with your verticals and horizontals. If you have small spaces, think out of the box and decorate to create more space but enough comfort and breathing space. Simple tricks such as low furniture, for example, can make your house look taller. Meanwhile, mirrors can provide an illusion of extra footage. Multi-functional furniture also affords multiple uses in less space. On the other hand, the trick that works well on large spaces is to provide the necessary furniture with exciting details such as prints, skirts or carvings.


3. Feature unique furniture up front or at the center.


A beautiful antique, a rare collection or an investment painting can make a room more interesting when displayed up front or at the center of a room. If you own vintage wines, invest in a bar in plain sight to welcome guests to taste your collection of spirits. The best furniture packages Perth offers to enthusiasts include interesting investment pieces such as Victorian-inspired furniture and vintage lighting or sinks. Click here Furniture Fitouts


4. Mind the floors and the ceiling.


A carefully designed ceiling can accentuate the look of the room. Install beautiful lighting that plays with the shadows and colors of your room. Choose ceiling fixtures that not only provides light but also adds aesthetics to your space. For your flooring, choose a beautiful wood material with natural tones and patterns. Many companies that offer interior styling Perth has also catalogs ceramic tiles and marble with beautiful designs that can add luxurious texture to your interior design. You can also break the monotony by providing exciting rugs and carpets.


5. Aim for a variety of textures and designs for walls.


Exposed bricks for walls, a generously bold backsplash, and uniquely-designed doors adds exciting and eye-catching flavor and texture to your room. Rustic furniture from many furniture packages Perth has also blended well with rustic wooden log walls.


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