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Hot trends in the Sunshine Coast real estate market

An unpredictable economy and boost in technology has had a powerful effect on the present day home building industry. Modern day buyers are better informed and have a tendency to do lots of their own research before undertaking a building project. Ambitious home builders have responded by improving their services in some key areas.

Working with environmentally friendly materials is essential

Concern about the environment is a big thing for Australians, which has changed the key materials used in new homes. In Pelican Waters, one of the most sought out options in new house construction is the use of green technologies. In order to achieve sustainable growth, building contractors are increasingly employing eco-friendly construction supplies. In the past, eco-friendly building components were only geared towards saving energy. Currently, they’re also about using non-toxic, eco friendly building products which are produced from either recycled or plant-based materials.

To illustrate, the developed world is dealing with an aging commercial infrastructure. This provides a huge opportunity to retrofit properties with organic cotton insulating material. Unlike fiberglass, cotton does not consume much energy, does not consist of chemical irritants and is from a cheap renewable resource.

New homes are cheaper in the long run

In the past 2 years, polls in AUstralia have shown that new homes are turning out to be a cheaper investment than used ones. As outlined by national data, it’s estimated that within the first year of owning a second hand home, over fifty percent of all homeowners will have to contend with unforeseen project expenses.

In the 1st year of ownership, most used home buyers usually give attention to home improvements which will raise the exterior appeal of their home. In most cases, property owners will choose specialists, who often use the best high quality materials and so charge much more than home building contractors do. Instances of popular projects during 1st year ownership include things like landscaping costs, porch building and privacy fence construction. It makes sense to factor in upgrade costs before you buy.

Don’t get excited about smart house technology – yet

The first cell phones that came out in the 1990s were massive bricks that cost thousands of dollars. Smart Home technology in 2017 is as mature as those cell phones in the 90s. The smart home market is young and volatile. Each year, new manufacturers unveil ground breaking automation systems that help property owners better manage their properties. In truth, there appears to be a race among technology giants to address needs beyond simple sensors to incorporate innovations like wi-fi enabled communication systems and motion sensitive surveillance cameras.

Avoid getting overly enthusiastic however – these technologies require a lot more time to mature before becoming a usual thing. For the time being, home automation is largely a gimmick.

The potential in Pelican Bay looks brilliant

The Sunshine Coast provides all the things needed to live a happy and peaceful life. There are lush villages in Maleny Montville, impressive Caloundra beaches, and large juicy prawns shipped in by boat from Mooloolaba. Pelican Bay can be found in Naples, an enormous development of luxury high-rise apartment buildings. The whole location was designed with total well being in mind. Greg Norman created the Pelican Waters 27-hole Golf Course. Also there is a private beach, superb resort hotels as well as a dazzling array of shopping possibilities.

Every one of the building trend aspects in this post certainly are a major factor of Pelican Bay homes. In Pelican Bay, a great deal of Lower Mainland residents are generally cashing out and moving to the Gold Coast for retirement. The next biggest group buying Pelican Bay homes are younger families seeking their first home. Most people are drawn by the sorts of contemporary building tendencies discussed in this article. Nonetheless, the thing that makes Pelican Bay exceptional could be the community built around the residences. If you’ve picked Pelican Bay as the place you would like to live, you will definitely benefit from the very best, out of your home and also your community.