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Top 5 Strategies to Extend the Service Life of Your HVAC System

Your business premises would not be complete without an HVAC system. How else can it provide a comfortable atmosphere for you, your employees, and your clients? The more you need it when your company is located in a place where the temperature is high or low for the most part of the year. Because you’re likely to use the HVAC system for an entire year, you need a machine that boasts a long service life. But you can extend its lifespan further with regular air duct cleaning Atlanta provides.

In a commercial setting, you’re going to need a machine that can cool and heat up the entire building on demand. This can mean cranking the equipment all the way up when the need arises, which can shave a few years off its working life. So even if you purchase a high-quality, high-performance HVAC System Atlanta GA sells, you should have preventive measures in place.

How to make your HVAC system work longer

  1. Schedule regular inspections

An HVAC service plan Atlanta offers is something that service providers like Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning provide their clients. The plan includes thorough maintenance and inspection twice a year. You can also expect air duct cleaning Atlanta to be included in the plan, which leaves little doubt of the efficient and reliable performance of your HVAC  system all year long.

  1. Make a habit of replacing air filters

An air filter is your HVAC’s first line of defense. So when it’s clogged up with dirt, the air intake system will no longer perform as well as it should be. Not only will this make your HVAC inefficient but reduce its service life as well. So make it a habit to replace air filters once a year. If your business revolves around pets, you may need to replace air filters more frequently, what with fur clogging the air intake system as well.

  1. Have the air ducts cleaned

If you want your HVAC system to last beyond its warranty, then you need to take advantage of the air duct cleaning Atlanta offers. This is because dirty and clogged air ducts will cause the equipment to work twice as hard, putting undue stress on the entire system. Not even a machine will survive for long under the circumstances.

  1. Have the air vents cleaned

Leaving air vents to get dusty and clogged will have the same effect on an HVAC system as a clogged air duct and air filter. You don’t want to wear down the equipment faster and affect indoor air quality at the same time. Click here Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning

  1. Hire professional cleaners

It’s important that the air filter, air ducts, and air vents are cleaned by professionals, as you are assured of quality work and service. The same is true for the AC’s compressor. You must hire professional cleaners of commercial air conditioner Atlanta GA offers if you want the equipment to work efficiently and last longer.

It is a fact that buying a high-quality HVAC system in the first place guarantees a longer-lasting machine. But the lack of maintenance and care would still take a toll on it. So take advantage of the Moncrief commercial maintenance agreement today. See more at http://www.moncriefair.com/residential/